The music below is provided by the Chaopraya Ensemble. We invite you to click on a song tile and enjoy.


Kang Kao Kin GluayThis is Chaopraya Ensemble’s signature piece, Kang Kao means a fruit bat, Kin means eat and Glouy is banana.  The piece is usually played in a fast tempo to mimic how the bat eats his banana. Created by an unknown composer, it’s a catchy and lively tune from the countryside.

Lao Suay Ruay – Lao Suay Ruay literally means beautiful and rich. Or some say the name was somehow corrupted to sound like “beautiful and rich”. It is not clear who composed the song, but there was some kind of evidence suggested that Mom Tuan Sriwarawan, a royal relative, composed this song to use it in Lilit Pralaw, a stage play. The play was part of a celebrating event in the palace, celebrating a lychee tree that survived the hot weather and flowered profusely.

Lao SomDet – Lao Somdet (The Royals) This song is always performed to honor and pay tribute to our beloved monarch, his majesty the king of Thailand. He is the longest reigning king in the world, 68 years. He ascended the throne when he was only 19. He will be 87 years old next December 2014.

Lao Siang Thien Or: “Tell Me Through the Candle’s flame” This classic dance is about a girl invoking the sacred power of Lord Buddha to help her see whether the man she loves is her true love. If the flame disappears quickly, it means he does not really love her. But if it remains for a decent time, then he is her true soulmate.


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