Thai Food

Here are some special Thai desserts and snacks prepared by Miss Topaz.  She is a member of the Chaopraya Ensemble, a very good dancer as well as a great cook.

Ancient Thai Dumpling (ขนมจีบไทย)
These dumplings are appetizers with delicious filling wrapped in rice flour.  Ground sweet and salty chicken is most commonly used for the filling.  They are normally served with lettuce, coriander leaves (cilantro) and hot chilies.  People used to crimp them by hand, but now use a crimping tool.  In old times, they were shaped like tiny water jugs but later changed to look like tiny birds.  Some also make them colorful by using natural dye from flowers or aromatic leaves.  This dish has been around over 300 years, since the King Rama II period, and it is still very popular today.  (Source: ตำนานอาหารสามแผ่นดิน = Legendary Thai Dishes in Three Eras. Wandee Thai Cooking School)

More photos of food prepared by Topaz are below.


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